Muttulab web site

Site built using Oxygen builder and designed by Ana Cirujano. It has pretty complex layouts and needed to extend Oxygen beyond its comfort zone. You can visit Muttulab site here.

Bilbao Food Capital subscription site

Being a top chef encounter, this site shows several fine animations. It’s built using Vue.js and based on Root’s Sage 9. The subscription form needed to be split into several pages and it uses browser’s Local storage to achieve the «session like» feature. Visit Bilbao Food Capital

Bilbao food capital web site

Eneperi Restaurant website

This site is using CSS Grid and special animation easing. It’s based on Root’s Sage 9 and it makes use of the latest technologies available at the moment.

Travelling Blog

Viajando con Mami is a great blog about traveling with kids. Developed entirely from scratch using Sage starter theme and several plugins to connect it with Instagram and other social networks.

Louisiana channel

A site with a huge amount of videos from different kind of artists that has a traversal way of using the site. You can browse it by authors, topics, recommendations and it also has a video playlist feature with the ability to share your own playlists with other people or in social networks.

Urban Dental

With especially complex layouts, this site, as many others, is based on Root’s Sage starter theme. Uses custom post types for the team and the specialties and several forms to capture customers leads.  

Koala Rotulación

Built with Roots’ Sage starter theme, it showcases digital print and lettering works by Koala Rotulación.

Dámaso Martinez

WordPress based site with a big touch of JavaScript. Based on Sage starter theme and customized to the roots.

Alvaro Heras personal site

This personal site for the writer Alvaro Heras was built on Divi with a heavy customization and several tweaks.

Atxurrazelaieta Architects

Dynamic web site built for Atxurra Zelaieta Architects. Based on Roots’ Sage it’s customized with several post-types and custom fields to achieve the desired content and presentation.